daffodil shape list of common names specimen ID sheet  
  The mouth of the trumpet may be straight or flanged.    
      Itzim (D6 Y-R) has a straight mouth, split in places and slightly overlapping. The rim is irregularly dentate.   Unsurpassable (D1 Y-Y) has a widely-flanged mouth. Note the deeply notched and crenate rim.
  The trumpet rim may be crenate or lobed.    
      Meldrum (D1 Y-Y) has a deeply and regularly crenate rim. Note the slightly inflexed petals, slight white mucro and flanged rim to the trumpet.   February Gold (D6 Y-Y) has a 6-lobed mouth. Note the reflexed, incurved petals and ribbed trumpet with the rim deeply and regularly notched and crenate but the mouth only a little expanded.