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D5 Triandrus typically has 2 or more hanging flowers per stem, each flower with relexed petals.

D6 Cyclamineus has one slender, stream-lined flower per stem with strongly reflex petals.

    Division 5 (e.g. Shot Silk)   Division 6 (e.g. Bartley)

D7 Jonquilla are frangrant and have 1 to 5 (rarely to 8) flowers per stem.

Division 7 (e.g. Suzy)       Division 7 (e.g. Sailboat)

D8 Tazetta are frangrant and have 3 to 20 flowers per stem with spreading (not reflexed) petals.

D9 Poeticus: one flower per stem, pure white petals, and a short, disc-like corona which is often three-coloured (green base, red rim).

    Division D8 (e.g. Irmeline)   Division D9 (e.g. Poeticus recurvus)
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