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D10 Bulbocodium have one flower per stem with tiny petals and a large, funnel-shaped trumpet with a long-emergent style and prominent exserted anthers.
There are also two other rather useless divisions...
    Division 10 (e.g. Kenellis)    
...D13 is for all the daffodils that are known only by their botanical names (i.e. species and hybrids, rather than cultivars)...
    Division 13 (e.g. N. canariensis)   Division 13 (e.g. N. minor)
...while D12 is a rag-bag of cultivars that do not fit comfortably into any of the other divisions 1 to 11.
This is a classic case of Sod's Law, because the first daffodil you are likely to be curious about is Tete-a-Tete and this is a D12 Y-Y!
    Division D12, e.g. Tete-aTete    
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